St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

NEIGHBORHOOD STATUS Updated: 9 a.m. 9/1/12

NEIGHBORHOOD STATUS Updated: 9 a.m. 9/1/12



Subdivision Status Accessible? (water)
Indigo high water in rear truck / boat in rear
Cambridge water starts at Hamcock 6", rises to 1 ft @ St. Andrews truck / boat in rear
Riverforest still flooded from Lancelot to rear of sub,  water dropped 1 ft overnight boat in rear
Old 51 front dry- farm/remy area flooded 1-2 ft truck / boat in rear
Palmetto Lakes/South/Spring Meadow small amount of water in street truck
Summerlin Lakes dry yes
Ridgewood water still in road truck
Ascension of Our Lord W Frisco- water up to curb passable by truck/Golfview area- passable by car yes
Riverlands Heights Ellerslie- less than 1 ft of water in street, passable by truck yes
River Oak / Live Oak less than .5 ft, passable by truck yes
St Andrews Estates passable: less than .5 ft yes 
Country Club / Canterbury / Belle Terre less than 1ft in roadway - passable, Champions : passable by truck only yes
LaPlace Park / The Grove 300 block & up- 1-3 ft of water: impassable @ Swan Ct due to vehicle in roadway truck / boat in rear
New Era / Sugarridge Tiffany, Van Arpel, Cartier/Kara- flooded water up to most houses, high water vehicle only high water vehicle only/  boat in rear  
Belle Pointe most of sub is up to curb- westside, lee dr are impassable boat in rear
Coles Landing dry yes
Crevasse water receded 6-8 inches, 1-2 ft still flooded, Lawnrence .5 ft receded still 1-2 ft of water, high water vehicle only
West 5th area dry yes
Montegut dry yes
Foxwood impasable- 1.5-2.5 ft of water truck
Carrollwood clear & dry yes
The Lakes dry yes
The Links less than .5 ft of water- passable by car yes
Persimmon /SJA area dry yes
Park Place dry yes
 Woodland  open to truck use, multiple trees down blocking westbound roadway- Hwy 51/Woodland/ Approx. 1 ft- passable by truck  truck


Water is concentrated near Airline Hwy
Central Ave high water closed
North of Airline high water boat
E 22nd – E 29th dry yes
Central Ave – E 22nd dry yes
Central – W 10th dry yes
W 10th – W 19th Water at Airline truck
Homewood High Water in Street boat
Scarlett Oaks high water Closed
E 13th tree blocking roadway Closed
E 20th tree blocking roadway Closed
E 25th tree blocking roadway Closed
E 12th high water truck
Cedar high water, flooded at airline  impassable
 Airport Road / Vets home  high water but going down  


Plantation Oaks 1-2’ water in street, water has not gone down truck
 LA 54 & US 61  water has receded 1 to 2 inches  truck
Timbermill Loop water has risen 1 inch truck


Pleasure Bend still has water in street,no change, LA 18 in front of Evergreen, power line down 1 lane of traffic only truck