St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

LaPlace Residents under Boil Water Advisory

LaPlace Residents under Boil Water Advisory

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuesday night at around 10:00 p.m., water services to LaPlace residents were restored following a break in the 24 inch water line from Ruddock to the Laplace Water Treatment Facility.  Employees of the Utilities Department and Boh Bros Construction worked through the evening to replace an eighteen foot section of pipe between Ruddock and LaPlace.  Because of a loss of water pressure in the system while repairs were underway, LaPlace residents remain under a Boil Water Advisory (BWA) until test results are received from the Department of Health and Hospitals. 

Protocol following a loss of pressure to the system requires testing of a water sample by a state certified lab.  The sample must be incubated for 24 hours before the test is administered. Test results are sent to both the Parish and Department of Health and Hospitals and if no contaminants are identified, the BWA is lifted.  The Parish anticipates lifting the BWA for LaPlace residents on Friday, August 17 by 12:00 noon.

During the BWA, LaPlace residents and businesses must boil water for 1 minute in a clean container prior to consumption.  It is safe to bathe, wash clothes, and wash dishes during this time. For extended directions in boiling water during a BWA, please visit the Utilities Department webpage at

Water customers in Reserve, Garyville, and Mount Airy can resume normal water consumption as this area was not affected by the BWA.

When the boil water advisory is lifted, notifications will be sent via FirstCall, Channel 15, the website, and audio cable override on RTC and Comcast cable.  For more information please visit or tune in to Channel 15.