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Reserve Volunteer Fire Department Improves Response Time

Reserve Volunteer Fire Department Improves Response Time

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Reserve Volunteer Fire Department (RVFD) has taken major steps in upgrading their station to become more efficient and improve their response time.  By purchasing an iPad and converting their “first-out” truck to electronic, firefighters will spend more time fighting fires than preparing their trucks.

Utilizing the iPad to its fullest, the RVFD purchased the Fire Programs application which allows incident reports to be completed on site following the incident which eliminates a number of processes that were previously in place.  The iPad also allows them to take pictures of the site and store them in Fire Programs for future reference.  “I’m extremely pleased that the fire department had the foresight to pursue these upgrades.  In addition to improving response time, these upgrades improve safety for our residents and firefighters,” said Parish President Natalie Robottom.

The recent upgrades to the RVFD’s “first-out” fire truck were made to allow for quicker response time.  The first-out truck includes an electronic fixed monitor and a ground monitor which are both controlled electronically.  The fixed monitor, located at the top of the truck, is operated with a controller and used to extinguish fires at the top of buildings or homes.  The ground monitor is an automatic monitor that is set in an ideal location to shoot water and provides an additional electronic tool to extinguish fires automatically from the ground level.  “Both automatic monitors create more efficiency at the scene of an incident,” said District Fire Chief Spencer Chauvin. 

Another major upgrade to increase response time is the Hydrantmaster, which is an electronic hydrant connection that is controlled remotely, allowing more manpower on the scene and not at the fire hydrant.  “The Hydrantmaster connects to a fire hydrant and is remotely turned on when it is time for water pressure,” explained Fire Chief Glenn Bourg of the RVFD.

When asked about electronic glitches and outages, Bourg explained, “All equipment can be turned on manually in the event something is not working properly with the computer systems. We made sure of that.”