St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Greenwood Bridge to Re-open on the First Day of School

Greenwood Bridge to Re-open on the First Day of School

Parish and school system officials were pleased to hear that the Greenwood Bridge, near LaPlace Elementary School, will re-open for the first day of school. This bridge project was awarded at the end of last Spring and was scheduled during the summer months when it would have the least impact to school traffic. The decision by the parish turned out to be a great one, as fewer residents were inconvenienced during construction and the project was completed on time.

As a result of advanced planning, regular communications, and a strong will, the Greenwood Bridge will re-open Monday, August 8 for the start of school. With only a few minor details remaining, representatives of Gray Construction have assured the parish that the bridge will be safe and accessible for residents and school traffic. The remaining items should be completed within the next two weeks.

“This is the second of two bridge projects completed, but timing for the Greenwood Bridge was critical. Despite a couple of minor setbacks involving relocation of infrastructure, the project was completed in time for the start of school. I appreciate the hard work of my staff, the engineers, and the contractor in getting the job done on time,” stated Robottom.

The Greenwood Bridge repairs were completed by Gray Construction Corporation of Morgan City at a cost of approximately $441,000.00. The old structure was replaced with a new bridge and the wooden pilings were replaced with new concrete pilings. During construction, waterlines and fiber optics were relocated and/or replaced. On each side of the bridge, a walkway with a handrail was installed to provide children with safe access to the school and park from their homes.

“Thank you to all residents, emergency personnel, and business owners for cooperating during this project. Although there were some delays during construction, I believe residents will enjoy the new bridge and the new walkways for the start of school,” said Natalie Forbes, Principle Engineering.