St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

St. John Faith-Based Organization Formed to Aid Parish Response

St. John Faith-Based Organization Formed to Aid Parish Response

Faith-based organizations have traditionally filled a void left by government following hurricanes and other emergencies. Subsequently, Parish President Robottom is seeking help from the faith-based community to help respond to human needs in emergency situations. In an effort to reach out to the Faith-Based Community, Robottom held an organizational meeting with representatives from churches throughout St. John the Baptist Parish.

Attending the meeting were approximately twenty-five individuals representing sixteen churches, many of whom were on hand to help parish officials following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike. The purpose and goal of the organization was discussed, along with a request for resources and services following an emergency or disaster. Typically following a disaster, there is a need for volunteers, clothing, shelters, meals, parking areas, and storage space, most of which exceeds the capabilities of local government. Parish President Robottom communicated that need and the role of faith-based organizations in filling those needs in times of crisis. “Faith-based organizations assist our residents everyday and have traditionally been there in response to emergencies. But rather than asking for their help after an event occurs, I’m asking the faith-based community to partner with us now. They are our best resource for delivering services and communicating with our residents,” stated Robottom.

President Robottom has high hopes for St. John’s Faith-based Organization and its role before, during and after an emergency occurs. Many churches have their own emergency plan and are asked to encourage their members to develop a plan for their family. All faith-based groups are invited to attend the next meeting and become a member of the organization.

The next meeting of the St. John Faith-based Organization is Thursday, August 4 at 3:00 PM in the Joel McTopy Council Chambers, 1801 West Airline Highway. For more information, contact Paige Braud, Public Information Officer at 985-652-9569.