St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Robottom Stresses Employee Safety at “All Staff Meeting”

Robottom Stresses Employee Safety at “All Staff Meeting”

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Parish President Natalie Robottom targeted employee safety as the focus of the 2nd   "All Staff Meeting" for parish employees. With the upcoming Memorial Day holiday and increased consequences for driving under the influence, Robottom cautioned employees to always drive safely and avoid drinking and driving.  Mr. Harold Keller, President of “Get High on Life”, discussed the consequences of drinking and drugging and reminded employees that help is available, should they need it. 

Stacey Cador, Director of Human Resources, addressed basic safety concerns and reminded employees of the existing vehicle policy, giving specific attention to procedures and protocol following accidents.  She also informed employees of plans to use a safe driving simulator to better train employees in safe driving techniques. 

In addition to driving safety, employees viewed a five minute hurricane video from the State of Louisiana’s “Get a Game Plan” website, in preparation for hurricane season.  As many employees are considered essential personnel during hurricane season, they were encouraged to plan for the safe evacuation of their families.  Robottom encouraged parish employees to begin making plans for their families now, saying “It is important that your families are safe before you come to work and now is the time to make your plans.”

A list of items needed for an emergency kit and steps for developing a game plan for emergencies were distributed to employees.  Two emergency supply kits were given as door prizes.  Other door prizes included energy-wise kits donated by Entergy, St. John the Baptist Parish back-packs and notebooks, and lunch with the Parish President and CAO. 

The meeting was also used to thank employees for their service to the parish in honor of Public Service Week celebrated the first week of May.  At the conclusion of her first year in office, Robottom thanked her staff and all of the employees for their hard work over the past 12 months.  Everyone indulged in cake and conversation at the close of the meeting.