St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Robottom Holds All Staff Meeting for Parish Employees

Robottom Holds All Staff Meeting for Parish Employees

Parish President, Natalie Robottom hosted an All Staff Meeting for all parish employees at the River Region YMCA in LaPlace.  This is the second meeting for employees as Robottom is implementing quarterly meetings throughout the year.  "It gives us an opportunity to meet with all parish employees in one place and show appreciation for their hard work," said Robottom.  At the meeting, parish employees were recognized for their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years of service.  "We hope to continue this each year," said Robottom.  After the meeting, employees had many positive comments to share.  "I was surprised! I've never seen this happen before. This type of activity makes one enjoy their job more," said Linda Faulk who was awarded for her ten years of service.  Everyone was excited to see those who were recognized at the meeting. St. John Parish Grant Writer, Myra Alexis-Valentine said, "We've never had anything like this before.  People are happy and feel appreciated."  Some employees took time to send notes to Robottom expressing their gratitude others shared their appreciation in passing throughout the day.  Bob Feucht was very appreciative of the meeting when he stated, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and at the same time congratulate you on making this event such a "positive" one. My observation yesterday was that most of the employees were very receptive and seemed to be in a "positive" mood." 

The meeting was also an opportunity to review the past eight months and discuss future expectations with the employees.  The employees were surprised with a special guest performance of The National Anthem by Mr. Jordan Dorsey who recently made it to Hollywood on American Idol.  Dorsey is a former COE worker for St. John the Baptist Parish.  "It was an amazing event to attend because I was able to see all the people I worked with as well as the Parish President.  The support was heavy, and it will boost my confidence when I go back to Hollywood. It felt great to be home."