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Robottom Attends Sibley’s TaeKwonDo Plus Ribbon Cutting

Robottom Attends Sibley’s TaeKwonDo Plus Ribbon Cutting

Parish President Natalie Robottom cut the ribbon for Sibley's TaeKwonDo Plus's new location.  The school has been in business on Airline Highway in LaPlace for 12 years, and moved to its new location at 548 Belle Terre Boulevard in October.   In January of 2011, Timothy and Deborah Sibley will celebrate their one year anniversary as the new owners of TaeKwonDo Plus, previously owned by William Cothren. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sibley and their instructors are dedicated to providing a high level martial arts experience using traditional Ho-Am TaeKwonDo as the foundation for learning and adding self-defense, ground escape, and personal safety training.  Qualified instructors participate in continuing education to provide quality training to students.

Students can register for classes evey day and work towards advancement at their own rate.  Upon completion of each level, students are tested to become eligible for the next level.  The school has specialized programs specific to each group's needs.  The youngest group is the Tiger Cubs, ages 3 to 5, who are taught discipline, focus, balance, and the basic techniques for advancement to higher levels.  The next age group is 6-12, and they are taught martial arts, self-defense, respect, self-esteem, confidence, and manners.  The oldest group is ages 13 and up, and some of the same techniques are taught but the focus is on perfection, detail, and greater skills at an advanced level. 

"Not only are children able to learn the techniques of self-defense and protection, they also gain confidence, learn about respect, and develop positive self-esteem which is important in today's society", said Parish President Natalie Robottom.

For more information, please contact Tim or Deborah Sibley at Sibley's TaeKwonDo Plus.
548 Belle Terre Blvd, LaPlace, Louisiana 70068, (985) 985-9661, SIBLEYTKD@LIVE.COM