St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Freezing Temperatures Continue

Freezing Temperatures Continue

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

St. John the Baptist Parish - The National Weather Service is continuing to issue Freeze Warnings for St. John the Baptist Parish and surrounding areas as we experience frigid temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees.   

Residents should make preparations to pipes and homes and businesses if not done so already to prevent pipes from freezing. Additional nights of freezing temperatures are expected through Thursday.

Sporadic power outages are also occurring due to the duration of cold weather. Please dial 1-800-9OUTAGE if you experience one in your area. Residents are also reminded to dial 911 for any issues or concerns.

How to Protect Pipes from Freezing:

  • Wrap exposed pipes with insulation. Home improvement stores have pipe sleeves or pipe tape that work pretty well to prevent exposed pipes from freezing and bursting.

  • Disconnect your garden hose.Drain it, and store it for the winter.

  • If, as is usually the case, your kitchen sink is against an exterior wall, open the cabinet doors during times of extreme weather. This will allow the warm air in the house to keep the pipes leading to the sink heated.

  • If you are away from the house, even for a weekend, make sure it is well heated. Consider switching off the water.

Other Safety Tips:

  • Pets and plants should be brought inside.

  • Space heaters should be turned off when not in the room.

  • Maintain proper ventilation for all fuel-burning devices.

  • Keep safety items readily available: flashlight and batteries, battery-powered radio, extra food and water, baby items, first-aid supplies, fire extinguisher, pet food.

  • Maintain contact with the elderly and those considered at risk.

  • Dress warmly and keep exposed skin covered if outdoors.