St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Weather Update #12

Weather Update #12

Thursday, August 18, 2016

St. John the Baptist Parish - Residents should be reminded that there is still much uncertain associated with the flooding to the west and the impact it will have on St. John Parish. With this being said, residents are encouraged to prepare homes and properties for potential of backwater flooding especially in northern and low-lying areas of the Parish. This includes acquiring sand bags, moving vehicles to higher ground and off roadway in low-lying areas and continuing to clean out drains and yards of debris.

Parish officials are actively monitoring water levels, checking on drainage systems and pumping systems throughout the Parish and monitoring roadways. The emergency operations center is receiving updates around the lock from Firefighters on northern drainage canals, lakes and roadways.  

Flood Warning:

  • In effect for northern LaPlace, Reserve and  Garyville (far north, near I-10 and North of Airline) until 3 pm Thursday

Gauge Readings from overnight:

  • Garyville Swamp = 3.96 ft
  • Reserve = 5 inches
  • Manchac Pass Lake Maurepas = 1.71 ft
  • Lake Pontchartrain = 1.53 .

Sand Bags:

  • Sand and bags are located at Captain G. Bourgeois and the Railroad Avenue, Garyville, Wallace and Pleasure Bend Fire Stations
  • Residents should bring their shovels and help fill more bags for neighbors.
  • Volunteers are needed to help fill sandbags


Road Update:

  • New Hwy 51 , just south of I-10 , the right lanes have water on the shoulders and lanes
  • Intersection of Woodland and Hwy 51 has water
  • Hwy 51 low road passed Peavine is closed
  • Airline at Hwy 641 in Gramercy remains closed

School Update:

  • Schools are open today, Thursday, August 18
  • Parish offices are open today
  • State offices are closed


  • National Guard staging vehicles, personnel and supplies at Community Center
  • Two shelters are being prepared in the event we need– Community Center and New Wine
  • Working with the Governor’s Office to pre arrange supplies and commodities at locations

Residents should remain prepared and vigilant due to the uncertainty of the flooding to the west and impact on St. John:

  • Make preparations such as filling and gathering sand bags
  • Cleaning drains and removing debris and tree limbs from drains and catch basins
  • Low-lying areas should move vehicles to higher ground and off of street
  • Residents who are elderly , sick or having difficulty managing on their own, are encouraged to contact family members an d friends for assistance with preparations
  • Medications, important papers and keepsakes should be gathered
  • Sign up for emergency alerts by visiting and clicking Stay Connected or calling office at 652-9569.