St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Automatic Alarms Installed on Lift Stations Parishwide

Automatic Alarms Installed on Lift Stations Parishwide

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

St. John the Parish – In an effort to reduce wastewater overflows due to lift station failure, telemetry – automatic controls, water level indicators, alarms and shut down features – was installed in 50 lift stations located throughout the East Bank and West Bank of the parish.

Telemetry is the automatic measurement and the transmission of data by wire, radio, or other means from remote sources to receiving stations for recording and analysis. As required by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, the newly installed systems are programed to alert Parish personnel of equipment malfunctions at the lift stations beforehand, enable the lift stations to operate more efficiently, and also reduce power cost.

Funded through the Parish sewage fund, the $1.3 million project will also assist with relieving customers who suffer from wastewater problems during heavy rain events and the prevention of unsanitary wastewater overflows during failures. Construction was administered by I.C.E Sales and Services of Des Allemands. The lift station project addressed the most-vulnerable stations, but there is a plan in place to construct telemetry at all St. John lift stations.

Other Utilities Projects completed that will provide contingency during emergencies include damaged Hurricane Isaac lift stations with submersible pumps, permanent generators at wastewater treatment plants, a waterline connection to St. Charles Parish, waterline connecting the Lions Water Plant to the Edgard Water plant and the Wastewater rehabilitation project which reduces inflow and infiltration of rain water into the wastewater collection system

A project to raise the electrical components at Ruddock Water Stations 1 and 2 is in design as well and awaiting FEMA approval due to funding source. Construction will also consist of installing submersible pumps at the stations which will reduce the chance of flooding and water penetration. “Hurricane Isaac and recent severe weather events are more frequently occurring and I am pleased that we are continuing to complete projects Parishwide that will not only protect our infrastructure systems from vulnerabilities but ultimately protect our residents and most-needed services,” said St. John Parish President Natalie Robottom.

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