St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Garbage and Debris Removal

 Garbage and Debris Removal

Friday, February 26, 2016

Due to the large amount of debris produced by Tuesday’s tornado, St. John Parish is working closely with the Public Works Department and Progressive Waste Solutions to coordinate clean-up efforts throughout the parish.  Residents are encouraged to begin separating storm related debris, normal household waste and tree branches into separate piles for pick up.

The Public Works Department will be collecting tree branches throughout the Parish before storm-related debris pickup can begin. Progressive Waste, the St. John the Baptist Parish garbage company, has called in additional trucks to help service areas and assess areas for needs.  Garbage pick-up is expected to return to normal route schedule this weekend. Progressive is asking residents to separate garbage materials as normal and refrain from placing sheet rock, lumber and other construction and demolition materials in their green carts. It is imperative residents separate normal household garbage from storm-related debris and tree branches. Replacement garbage cans should be requested through Progressive at 985-536-3046.

We ask for your patience as there is an unprecedented amount of damage and debris throughout the parish and we ask that you drive safely with the large number of trucks and equipment on our roadways.

When separating debris please remember the following:

• Pile debris as neatly as possible near the curb, but not in the street. Try to keep the height of the pile under three feet.
• Do not place debris near mail boxes, utility boxes, utility poles, water meters or fire hydrants. Inadvertent damage can occur if those items are covered
• Do not place piles next to fences or cars. For safety assurance, no attempt is made to collect debris piled next to mailboxes, fences or cars. A 10-foot separation distance is recommended
• Do not place material for pick-up under low wires or overhanging tree limbs. Debris loaders cannot maneuver the collection arm safely under low-hanging objects
• Consider placing debris piles on an old sheet of plywood or other similar material to minimize damage by the debris loader to your yard.