St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Administration Requests Action on Variety of Parish Contracts

Administration Requests Action on Variety of Parish Contracts

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

As with all Finance Committee meetings, Administration began the night with requests to open and award bids for services and equipment.  Administration also recommended new contracts and contract extensions to improve Parish oversight and services.   

Bids were opened for a new Fuel Management System and Administration recommended taking all bids under advisement to allow for a review of compliance with required specifications.  The system will be used to manage, track, and control fuel consumption and costs for parish vehicles and equipment.  A recommendation for award will be made at the next Council meeting.

Administration also recommended accepting the low bid of $123,833 from Altec Industries for the purchase of a new bucket truck through the Street Lighting Fund.  The new truck will replace one of two trucks currently utilized to repair and install street lights, poles and street signs throughout the parish. 

The Council authorized a one year extension of the contract with Burk Kleinpeter, Inc. for design and construction management of Peavine Boat Launch Improvements. Approval was recently granted by the Office of Community Development for a budget amendment and re-bidding of this project with a projected completion date of December  2016.  The project is primarily funded through the Gustav-Ike CDBG program.

A change order reflecting a deduction of $315,880.16, a no cost time extension and the cost to relocate a backflow preventer was approved for the LA 637 Waterline Relocation project.  The deduction was due to balancing the estimated quantities of material and labor with the actual quantities used.  An contract extension of 62 days was approved due to high water levels in the Mississippi River and the addition of $24,871 for relocation of a backflow preventer on Port property which will be reimbursed by the Port of South Louisiana.  While DOTD’s Road Widening Project for LA 637 will contiue for approximately twelve months, the Waterline Relocation Project is estimated to be complete by October 2015. 

An annual contract was approved with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Office of Public Health for participation in the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Cities Readiness Initiative Grant.  The contract allows for collaborative planning to enhance 48 hour mass dispensing of medical supplies and response capabilities in the event of an emergency. The maximum contract amount of $18,754 is federally funded and is contingent upon meeting specific deliverables such as participating in the SNS and mass dispensing planning, developing written plans, participating in scheduled drills and a functional exercise, and participating in an evaluation.

The Council also approved a contract with NexTraq for GPS fleet management services in the estimated amount of $57,850 for Parish vehicles and $17,110 for Fire Department vehicles, excluding shipping costs.  The cost per vehicle is $33.95 includes systems upgrades to 3G service allowing for better oversight of fleet in 142 Parish and 42 Fire Department vehicles. The agreement is for thirty-eight months.

A three year contract was approved with Compliance Envirosystems, LLC (CES) for subsurface drain line, manhole, and catch basin inspection cleaning services.  The contract award was based on results of the RFP process, which accounts for pricing and past performance.  Services are activated upon request by the Parish and can be used in emergency and non-emergency situations. “Following the severe flooding with Hurricane Isaac, CES performed inspection and cleaning services throughout the flood stricken areas.  Because they were procured properly and were familiar with the process and required documentation, their services were deemed reimbursable by FEMA,” said Parish President Natalie Robottom.  “It is important to have this contract in place to allow work to begin as soon as possible when needed.”