St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Contract Re-activated by Parish to Trap Coyotes

Contract Re-activated by Parish to Trap Coyotes

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Department of Public Safety is working with a Wildlife and Fisheries, Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator to remove coyotes from residential areas within the parish. The contract for trapping was re-activated this week and will continue for a period of thirty days.

Based on reported sightings, traps were placed in wooded areas along Hwy 51 near the interstate, and traps will be placed in other areas as needed. “Our goal is to catch the coyotes before they get to the residential areas,” said Deputy Director of Public Safety Travis Perrilloux. “The control operator expects the coyotes to be entering residential areas from this location,” he said. Residents are asked to report coyote sightings to the Department of Public Safety by calling 985-652-2222. Once coyotes are trapped, they are transported to another Parish where they are used for training purposes.

Residents in the impacted areas should keep a careful watch over small pets and children and refrain from approaching coyotes. They should also avoid trapping devices.