St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Approval Granted to Move Forward with Projects and Purchases

Approval Granted to Move Forward with Projects and Purchases

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Monday night's council meeting included approval of a variety of contracts to address public facilities, daily materials, wastewater and ongoing drainage maintenance.

Advertisement for construction of a new $3 million Hemlock Fire Station was authorized by the Council. Designed by Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects Regional Design Group, LLC, the Fire Station will be a two-story, 13,000 square foot facility comprised of administrative space, a mechanical shop, fitness space, sleeping quarters and a decontamination room. The station will be located at its original location on Hemlock Street in LaPlace and is funded through sales tax and revenue bonds for the LaPlace Volunteer Fire Department. “After meeting with architects and members of the volunteer fire department, we look forward to the new station and the additional space. The added space will allow for numerous advances in firefighting and apparatus equipment, new trucks, and other equipment that will better serve the needs of our residents,” said Fire Chief Cain Dufrene. In addition to the construction of a the new Hemlock Fire Station, St. John the Baptist Parish recently completed $280,000 in repairs to ten Fire Stations throughout the Parish with FEMA Recovery dollars.

Annual contracts for fuel and chlorine were awarded for 2015. Annual contracts are awarded based on the lowest bids received through the Purchasing and Procurement Department. Each contract term will begin in January 2015 and end December 31, 2015.
Meyer Engineer, LTD was awarded the $114,360 engineering contract to perform an Ecological Baseline Study. Funded through the $1.5 million Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Wastewater Grant, the study is in connection with the development of the Za Road Wastewater Oxidation pond for a wetlands assimilation project. Once complete, the study will determine the amount of treated wastewater flow that can be discharged to treat nearby wetlands.

Lastly, the Public Works Department recommended awarding contracts for chemical control and canal maintenance programs to Roussel’s Landcare of LaPlace for a total amount of $112,000. This program will include spraying the banks of approximately 54 canals to manage overgrown grass and improve drainage flow throughout the Parish. Canal spraying will occur four times throughout the year.