St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

St. John the Baptist Parish NOTICE

St. John the Baptist Parish NOTICE

Thursday, September 18, 2014

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST PARISH – The Parish is informed that misleading information and requests for water samples are being circulated by a third-party private business through flyers on residents’ doors. Please use caution when providing personal contact information to any business or organization making such requests. St. John the Baptist Parish is not requesting residents to fill small bottles with water for testing and will not be sending workers into your home to take water samples. Please be aware that there may be personal safety risks involved when allowing individuals into your home to perform water testing.

St. John the Baptist Parish Utilities Department is beginning to sample 70 sites throughout Water  District #1, however, no requests will be made for residents to provide a water sample from their home and leave a sample of water for pick-up.

Please be reminded the water is safe for consumption; however, residents in Water District #1, Reserve, Garyville, Mt. Airy, as well as those located west of River Parishes Hospital and on West 5th St. from Apricot St. to Acorn St., must avoid getting water deep into the nasal cavity. For information regarding the St. John the Baptist Parish water system, precautions, and risks, please visit or call 985-652-9569.