St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Reserve Relief Canal Shoreline Protection Project Underway

Reserve Relief Canal Shoreline Protection Project Underway

Thurday, January 23, 2014

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST PARISH - As part of a $1.7 million Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) grant, the Reserve Relief Canal Shoreline Protection project which involves strengthening 1,000 feet of shoreline on Lake Maurepas where the Reserve Relief Canal enters the lake is nearing completion. Construction of the project began in December of 2013 and is being completed by Southern Delta Construction, LLC. The expected time of completion is mid-February of 2014.

The final project will consist of a rock dike with gaps for fish and public access to the lake shoreline. The purpose of the CIAP grant is to protect the shoreline from erosion occurring along major navigation canals and lake shorelines in Louisiana. This project is specific to Lake Maurepas and the Reserve Relief Canal. Many of these canals are artificial shorelines that cause problems due to the lack of operation and maintenance funds to reduce wetland impacts. “This project has been in the works for several years and we are happy to see it come to fruition. Louisiana’s coast is in danger of disappearing and projects like this serve as one line of defense,” said Parish President Natalie Robottom. “A similar project is underway for West Lac des Allemands in Pleasure Bend and we look forward to its completion in the near future,” she added.

The Reserve Relief Canal terminates at Lake Maurepas located in Reserve, 35 miles west of New Orleans. The area is a forested wetland and thus has a near sea level elevation.