St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Council approves Greenwood Bridge Replacement

Council approves Greenwood Bridge Replacement

   Bridge will be completely replaced over the summer

ST. JOHN – In a move signaling that the 2009 Bond issue projects are moving forward, the Council awarded the lowest bid for the Greenwood Bridge replacement project to Gray Construction.  The award for this project was $440,980 with a portion of the funding provided by the public works department.

In addition to the bridge replacement, several other enhancements will take place at the site.  The utilities – water, sewer,  and electrical lines - will be placed under the bridge to remove them from view, a walking path will be added to the north side of the bridge to increase the safety of those walking across the bridge,  and lighting fixtures will be added to the structure to provide soft illumination near the area.   The bridge project will require the road to be closed at Greenwood  and Ridgefield for approximately 90 days.

Additional projects awarded as part of the 2009 bond issue include Phase II of the water tower and tank rehabilitation. The budgeted amount for this project was $1,050,000; however, the award was $877,250.  Phase I is currently under construction and Phase II will begin in two weeks.

"The enhancements to the bridge are important to the citizens of St. John's Parish and I look forward to the completion of this work", said President Robottom.