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Ferry Update

Ferry Update

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

St. John the Baptist Parish President Natalie Robottom testified at the Louisiana State Senate Transportation Committee to support HSR 105, a senate resolution requesting continuation of ferry services in Reserve/Edgard, and explain the importance of ferry service in St. John Parish. After discussion between Parish President Robottom, Senator Gary Smith, Senator Troy Brown, Karen St. Germaine, a DOTD representative, and the committee, HSR 105 passed.

Although this is one step complete, the ferry is still not guaranteed to be included in the budget to maintain services in St. John the Baptist Parish. Beginning Friday morning, the Louisiana State Senate Finance Committee will meet to discuss House Bill 1 which includes the transportation line item.  Anyone who is available to go to the capital may go comment during the meeting on this item. 

It is critical for all residents who would like ferry services to remain in St. John the Baptist Parish to contact your State Senators and members of the Senate Finance Committee to voice your strong support for the ferry and its future tonight and tomorrow.  Finance Committee members are listed here.

St. John Parish Administration will continue to work for ferry services to remain in St. John the Baptist Parish; however, your support and contact is needed at this time.