St. John The Baptist Parish News Release

Spring Clean Sweep a Success

Spring Clean Sweep a Success

St. John Residents Encouraged to Continue Beautification Efforts

Thursday, April 18, 2013

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST PARISH – St. John the Baptist Parish and the “Keep St. John Beautiful” committee hosted a parish-wide clean-up day on Saturday, April 13 in an effort to promote the beautification of the community. Over 250 volunteers from government agencies, churches, schools, community and neighborhood organizations, firefighters, council members, Parish employees and other volunteers participated. “Clean Sweep is a cooperative effort that must continue throughout the year if we are to make a difference. Beautifying the parish cannot be accomplished in just one day,” said Parish President Natalie Robottom. “We encourage our residents to take pride in their neighborhoods by keeping them clean,” she added. Councilman-At-Large Division “A” Lucien Gauff said “Clean Sweep is a great opportunity for the parish to come together and fight the litter bug. The clean sweep effort should be a regular part of every organization, club, civic and social group as well as schools and churches to help make and keep St. John beautiful.” 

Many volunteers met at Highway 51 Park to kick off the day, while others headed directly to their clean-up sites.  In coordination with the committee, each group was assigned to specific areas to clean which included major thoroughfares throughout the parish. “Clean Sweep made picking up trash fun,” said volunteer Cynthia Clifton with the LSU Ag Center 4-H club. “We picked up nine garbage bags along Hwy 18 while talking and laughing, and we look forward to next year.” East St. John Secretary Yvette Scioneaux and ten students from East St. John’s Interact and Explorers Club were also excited to participate. “A clean community shows others that we care and despite the displacement of some of our students, we still have a responsibility to uphold,” she said.  To end the day and to celebrate a great clean-up effort, volunteers returned to Hwy. 51 Park for food, drinks and music by the band Remedy.

Residents are encouraged to continue beautification efforts by participating in the Adopt-A-Spot and Adopt-A-Road programs. The purpose of the programs is to encourage the community through which civic-minded organizations will participate in the beautification of their storefronts, subdivision entrances, faith-based facilities, and parish roadways. It also encourages residents to work to improve their neighborhoods by cleaning littered curbs, sidewalks, vacant lots, cutting grass, pulling high weeds, and planting flowers. For more information on the Adopt-A-Road program please visit The Litter Enforcement Agency manages the Adopt-A-Spot program; however, those who are interested are asked to contact Dana Milioto at 985-652-9569 or visit for more information. Thank you to the LSU Ag Center for being the first organization to participate. Their Adopt-A-Spot is near the St. John LSU Ag Center in Edgard.

St. John the Baptist Parish and the Keep St. John Beautiful committee recently launched a litter campaign titled “Littering Is Wrong Too”, to create awareness of the negative impact of litter on the community.  Support the campaign by visiting or visit St. John’s social media sites at or on twitter @SJBPgov.

Special thanks go to Progressive Waste, LA DOTD, Coca-Cola, Allyson Supply, Inc., Chris Eichhorn, Taste of St. John and Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse for partnering with St. John and the “Keep St. John Beautiful” committee for this year’s event. “Please mark your calendars for the Fall Clean Sweep to be held on September 28, 2013,” said Dana Milioto, St. John Clean Sweep Coordinator. Information will be posted online, and participants are encouraged to sign up early!