Safe Routes to School (LaPlace Elementary)

Source: DOTD

Amount: 317,580.00

Status: Active

St. John the Baptist Parish recently completed the educational component of the Safe Routes to School Program with students at LaPlace Elementary School. The program is funded by a Department of Transportation and Development grant in the amount of $283,790.00.  Improvements to the existing pedestrian sidewalks and crosswalks in the vicinity of LaPlace Elementary School are intended to improve pedestrian access along this route to school, as well as allow for bicycle traffic.

The project also includes installation of ADA compliant handicapped ramps, crosswalk markings, striping, and speed limit signs along Greenwood Dr., Evergreen Dr., Ridgefield Dr., and Carrollwood Dr.  In addition to construction improvements, the program includes an educational component to teach students safety tips and simple training for walking and biking to school




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