Parish Generators

Source: CDBG-DR Gustav/lke

Amount: 1,569,974.77

Status: Completed

Wharton-Smith, Inc. was awarded a contract for $1,277,500.00 for installation of seven parish generators and two Automatic Transfer Switches. The final award is contingent upon approval of an application amendment by the Office of Community Development, re-allocating $100,000.00 to the existing Hurricane Gustav-Ike CDBG project allocation of $1,196,102.22. The contract amount includes a base bid of $1,240,000.00 for generators, $22,000.00 for Alternate #1 & $15,500.00 for Alternate #2 (transfer switches). Permanent generators will be installed at the LaPlace Park and Belle Grove Pumping Stations, Percy Hebert Lift Station, and Wastewater Plants at Garyville, Central Avenue, Tigerville, and Wallace.




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Name Source Amount Item No.
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