Lift Stations

Source: State & Federal Grant

Amount: 1,300,000.00

Status: Completed

In an effort to reduce wastewater overflows due to lift station failure, telemetry – automatic controls, water level indicators, alarms and shut down features – was installed in 50 lift stations located throughout the East Bank and West Bank of the parish.Funded through the Parish sewage fund, the $1.3 million project will also assist with relieving customers who suffer from wastewater problems during heavy rain events and the prevention of unsanitary wastewater overflows during failures. Construction was administered by I.C.E Sales and Services of Des Allemands. The lift station project addressed the most-vulnerable stations, but there is a plan in place to construct telemetry at all St. John lift stations.


Dry submersible pumps. 


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Name Source Amount Item No.
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