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Disaster Restoration and Recovery Services

Expires: June 28, 2018 - 2:45 p.m.
Type: Request for Proposal

The parish is made up of thirty-six (36) buildings that service the public’s essential needs.  The parish recognizes that if its facilities and/or operations are damaged and disrupted by a major disaster, existing employees and systems may be overwhelmed by the scale of necessary disaster response and recovery work.

ADDENDUM NO. 1 - Changes to the Pre-bid meeting date to Monday, June 19, 2017 at 2:00 P.M. This addendum also requires one (1) redacted copy to be added to the package.

ADDENDUM NO. 2 - Answers questions proposed at the Pre-proposal meeting

ADDENDUM NO. 3 - Replaces Submission of Proposal Section 2.5

Status: Closed


  Advertise RFP - Disaster REstoration & Recovery Serivces_1.doc
  RFP - Disaster Restoration & Recovery Services 2017.doc
  Addendum 1 -Disaster Restoration & Recovery.docx
  Addendum 2 -Disaster Restoration & Recovery.docx
  Addendum 3 -Disaster Restoration & Recovery.docx


  Proposal Tab Form -Disaster Restoration and Recovery.pdf - Updated August 7, 2017, 11:40 am -

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